We’ve moved, but not too far!

When Jayne wrote our article Head to the Cloud last issue little did we know many of us would have no choice but to work from home and embrace new technology sooner than anticipated!

We’d been thinking we could work more efficiently, environmentally friendly and still provide the same local service in our respective areas of the Heaton’s, Chorlton and Bury. 

We gave notice at the office in Heaton Mersey to move out on 8th June 2020 thinking we had 3 months to move at our leisure, but oh no things couldn’t be that simple!

With lockdown looming we quickly set ourselves up working from home, this was the easy part thanks to my husband Cameron thankfully! (I can use a computer, but that’s as far as my IT skills stretch unfortunately).

It’s not the home working but the home schooling whilst working that’s been the biggest challenge (I take my hat off to all teachers!), plus the small matter of moving out of an office when the recycling centres, charity shops and used furniture suppliers are closed all whilst staying at home!

By the next issue we’ll have conquered it (well the office move anyway); we’ll continue using phone and video calls and once we’re out of lockdown we’ll be happy to meet at your work, local coffee shops or your homes. We’ll also have access to meeting rooms should we need them at our virtual office near John Lewis in Cheadle.

In the meantime, we’ll carry on covertly swapping records at doorsteps whilst on our daily exercise swiftly keeping the 2-metre distance! 


May 15, 2020


Louisa Holt